Best washing machine to buy in 2020

Washing your clothes on weekends may give you nightmares always. You may have dreamt of spending the weekend with friends and family. Yet, the bucket full of dirty clothes reminds you that you need to wash those as well. So, for buying a washing machine to get rid of this situation is the best way, isn’t it? Get ready to invest on a good and lasting washing machine in 2020.


Are you thinking which company to choose and what machine will be best for you? Here’s a full guide for your help. We have listed the top washing machine of 2020 that can ease your burden instantly. And before you start your journey to explore the products, let us see why using a washing machine is beneficial for you.

If you are planning to buy a machine and are not able to reach to the conclusion, then don’t worry, here is the list of Best Washing Machine in India. Just roll your eyes over it and take your decision. As, a washing machine is expensive and it is one time investment, so, be careful while purchasing it and don’t be quick with your decision.Take your own time do the proper survey then only invest your hard earned money on the washing machine.


Benefits of Using a Washing Machine


  • It Saves Time: This point goes without saying. We know that machine reduces human efforts. A washing machine can provide this to you in every possible way When you handle the responsibility of washing your clothes to your machine, you can enjoy your weekend boozing out your favorite buddies.


  • It is Economic: You need to invest on this machine jus once and the result is long lasting. You do not have to keep e separate maid for washing your clothes and paying her a huge amount. So, you can understand how economic it is to invest in washing machine.


  • It has advanced features: Do you want to ruin your favorite blue shirt by handling over to your maid? If not, a washing machine is a must for you. There are technologically advanced machine with automated features that can clean your clothes perfectly.

So, read this blog to understand which washing machines are the best for you and make sure to choose the right one according to your budget and requirement.


Top Washing Machine of India in 2020


  1. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (-T7569NDDLH.ASFPEIL, Middle Free Silver)

This is one of the superior models of the year. With an inverted capacity of 6.5 kg, LG Fully-automatic machine is the best one for your house. If you have a family of 4, get this one for your home today. Check out its amazing features:


  • Smart Inverter Technology
  • LG Smart Washer and TurboDrum ensure better washing
  • It has beeper with waterfall circulation
  • Powerful washing system with multi-water flow
  • Option for auto restart
  • Total 8 washing program, special features like quick wash, strong wash and tub clean.


The best part of this machine is, and more over it is also electric saving.



Affordable Heavy in terms of weight
Available in various colors 



2. Bosch 7kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE702W0IN, White)

WOE702W0IN Bosch comes in the top 10 washing machine in India with:


  • power wave wash system
  • speed perfect technology
  • Magic filter system enabled
  • Delayed start option that power offs memory feature


In short it’s an ideal machine for washing bulk clothes as well as that’s clustered upon one another for a whole week! It’s automatic function features tub cleaning technology with one touch redial feature.

The washing machine comes with few amazing features like:


  • 7 Kg washing capacity
  • Manually water filling facility
  • Hot inlet
  • Water dispenser
  • Most efficient and scientific laundry system that reduces washing time
  • Varoinverter for energy efficient wash each time it’s used
  • Damage free garment washing
  • 10 years warranty on motor
  • Fully automatic machine which is best for everyday home use

Families exceeding head count which is more than 4 should always prefer using Bosch WOE 702 as well as its cutting edge technology makes sure minimum effort is given while washing the clothes.  It also features:


  • Innovative and designed pulsator
  • Dynamic water flow system
  • Intelligent wavedrum movement
  • 20% faster performance without compromising its performance level
  • Variable water levels for wash specific purposes
  • Meets the requirement for washing specific pieces of clothing
  • Magic filter gathers lint and fluff for assuring optimum results.  


However it comes with sufficient disadvantages too, they are:

  • Unlike few other models it has no inverter
  • Water can’t be filled manually


3. LG 7.0 Kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T70SJFS1Z, Free Silver)

In addition Over all more than 60% customers have vouched the product as worth buying. If you’re looking forward to buy one for your family where the head counts are more than 3 or 4, with this in mind one may be your type!

This LG product can be the right choice if you reside in a joint family. This household electronic appliance can be the best washer machine for you. If you search for best washing machine in India, this product will be among the 5 top product lists



Check out the feature:


  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine with 7 kg loading capacity
    • 2 years warranty on product and 10 years on motor
    • Smart invert 5 star rated inverter technology
    • 0.0098 KW electricity consumption
    • 3 way smart motion system
    • Turbodrum system
    • Smart diagnosis system
    • It has won the title of best washing machine because of its 2 years warranty and 10 years on motor.
    • However it has few cons:
    • Doesn’t have any inbuilt hot water supply
    • Doesn’t have any additional stand, as it moves on two wheel support



4. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Senorita Aqua SX Front Loading Washing Machine

With a 6.5 capacity and aqua energy feature, IFB Senorita Aqua SX washing machine should definitely be on the top of your check list if you’re searching best fully auto washing machine in India, because’


  • It’s a front loading washing machine
  • 7 segment LED display
  • 4 years comprehensive warranty on the product
  • Special aqua energy feature for converting hard water a bit softer, for a far better and  effective wash

Apart from it, the washing machine features 1000 RPM rotational speed for a quick and dirt free wash, having front load. Its wattage is 2200 watts and the machine is perfect for 3 dimensional washing systems. Its special jet water spray creates powerful 360 degree current in the drum. The stream flow dissolves the detergent for rinsing the clothes in an effective way.

Its hard water tackling technology turns the hard water into soft water and further helps the cloth to dry in this case


It’s the best washing machine which has automatic aqua energy filter for breaking bi-carbonates present in water and turns them eventually into crystals another key point,. The crystals are minute enough to flow freely with the water without forming any crust that may sufficiently damage the clothes or the machine.

 Point often over looked It’s foam control and auto imbalance system is equipped with a technology that dilutes the foam generated while washing the clothes and assures spill free wash. With this in mind This machine can also balance the washing process if the clothes are unevenly stuffed inside and smartly distributes the clothes inside the machine in such a way that the balance is maintained with perfection. The machine has auto stop functionality to regain its balance.


The customer review of the product is fairly good and that has helped the product to gain quick popularity in maximum homes.

If you’re still browsing the reviews on best washing machines in India 2018, then your every search has come to an end, it’s time to buy the IFB front loading automatic Senorita Aqua SX washing machine to enjoy a hassle free washing.


5. LG 6 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FHT1006SNW.ABWPEIL, White, Inbuilt Heater)

With an inbuilt heater for customized washing, the LG FHT1006SNW.ABWPEIL is the best full automatic washing machine for your home. Often it’s not possible to wash the clothes made of sophisticated fabric, as there’s a risk for the colors to fade. Even the fabric may get damaged.

Thus Time to put an end to all those worries because the new LG full auto front loading washing machine has,


  • 6 way motion for better wash performance
  • Direct drive technology
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Allergy care and baby steam care
  • Water proof touch panels
  • NFC tag for accessing it via smart home automated devices

Unlike other products, this one is a bit different from the others belonging to the same class. Unlike other washing machines it has steam wash capacity to sterilize bacteria and remove dust mites and pollen allergen from the fabric, which means extra delicate for sensitive cotton!


But that’s not its key attractiveness, what makes it one of the most competing and best washing machine brand in India is this particular machine can be accessed via automated devices.

Just like other electrical gadgets and appliances which can be connected with a home automation tool via Wi-Fi, this washing machine can also are connected with one such home automation appliance via Smart Think NFC app, through which the machine can be directed for a multiple type of washing. Some of them are,


  • Customized wash cycles
  • Smart diagnosis for adding up to 86 washing errors and rectifying them with an alternate smart washing facility
  • Access the washing machine via Smart Think NFC app that gets connected through a smart phone, laptop, Macpro etc.

So, if you’re a busy person and don’t have enough time to spend some time to switch on your washing machine check out this product, it may suit your budget. Best of luck!


6. Samsung 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA60M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)

From home theatre to smart phones, TV, desktop monitor Samsung has become a common name for Indian households.  But only few buyers know that it’s one of the oldest washing machine manufacturing companies in India. Those who rely on internet reviews before buying any electrical appliance, they can consult Quora Answers with which is the best washing machine brand in India? Well, Samsung’s name comes within the first five search result answers.

Now, there are number of reasons for which even today customers vote Samsung for one of the  best washing machine brands in Indi, because of its competitive features that the other washing machines rarely provide.


Pointing down some of those,


  • Automatic top loading machine with 6 Kg capacity
  • Magic filter with diamond drum, child lock, air turbo
  • Auto restart if it gets switched off in the middle of the wash prior to power off
  • Digital LED
  • Tempered glass window
  • Warranty on 2 years on product
  • Center jet pulsator
  • 6 washing programs
  • 5 water level
  • Eco tub cleaning system
  • Maximum spin speed which is 680 RM
  • 2 years additional warranty on motor

It’s also known for its:


  • Majestic design and unique soft curl appearance, diamond shaped ridges which rinses and washes clothes gently.
  • Its small water holes exits are suitable to evade fabrics from getting trapped into those spores so that further it can’t be damaged.
  • Tempered glass door makes it easy to see inside.
  • The machine can withstand great deal of pressure and it’s resistant to scratches and further damages

All these features assure gently and soft wash for each and every individual clothes without leaving single dirt or spot marks on it.

It’s worth buying!


7.LG 8.0 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T9077NEDLY, Free Silver)

Capable to take 8 Kg load, LG’s T9077NEDLY, Free Silver washing machine in India has the best fully automatic washing capacity that has been accepted by maximum house owners.

Primarily known for it’s


  • Automatic loading capacity
  • Suitable for large families
  • Higher spinning speed
  • Less time to dry the clothes
  • 3 smart motions technology available for 36% more energy savings
  • Jet spray plus
  • Easy returns
  • Easy return policy with full refund within 10 days of delivery in case if the product defects


Though it has certain pros like:


  • There’s no system for manual filling of lukewarm water

But that’s absolutely not required because the fabric quality is never compromised while washing any cloth, and that’s a guarantee.

It’s washing performance and durability has ultimate features like smart inverter and soft closing door that keeps the machine durable for long term use. Once it’s bought, you can enjoy a trouble free wash for years.

Call it a priceless deal if you want to buy a washing machine for the whole family.


8. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (-T7569NDDLH.ASFPEIL , Middle Free Silver)

With more than 696 ratings, LG T7569NDDLH.ASFPEIL beats its other brands due to its smart inverter technology having 8 different washing programs specially designed for:


  • Quick wash
  • Strong wash (especially jeans) to avoid color fade and damage
  • Tub clean/aqua reserve

Its turbo drum guarantees safe and better washing for the fabrics that may get damaged if they’re washed manually with hands.

It has amazing child lock feature saves energy with smart energy efficient wash. It has some unique features like:


  • Adjusting the energy consumption at optimum level according to the power needed for washing the clothes
  • Water circulation beeper
  • Smart diagnosis
  • Side water fall

All these convenient features are included in this 6.5 Kg LG T7569NDDLH.ASFPEIL best washing machine that’s fully automatic is available online in India. Check out the online shopping sites to find out the available discounts on the product.


Best of luck!

A number of times buyers browse the internet with which washing machines are the best for knowing genuine reviews about the product before buying it. Some might even shoot queries in the FAQ sections to pick up the best brands of washing machines.

If you’re one of those who have intended to get an auto loading washing machine for your house then this one must be in your list


9.  IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine TL-RDW

IFB fully automatic top loading TL-RDW is known for its affordable price and great washing quality. On the top of that it’s easy to use. It’s a very well known and a common washing machine in maximum Indian households.  Coming in ivory color this one suits every requirement that’s needed in a house.

Some of its specialties are,


  • It’s suitable for washing clothes in a family where family members are more than 3-4
  • It’s 720 RPM spinning speed is simply outstanding
  • LED display screen has the new range of top loader washing machines
  • It features 8 different kind of washing programs that turns washing process more convenient and easy.
  • It’s s auto bleach and softener dispenser
  • Lint filters and crescent moon drum allows improved washing quality
  • Aqua energy feature treats hard water and softens it before using it for washing
  • High quality triadic pulsator is perfect for 3D wash
  • Offers 4 years warranty on the product.

If you already have a washing machine at your home and looking forward to exchange it there’s an exchange offer available with the product.

Browse through the terms and conditions of the product before buying it to gather more knowledge about the product before acquiring it.




  • Salt water can’t be used while pouring water in the machine.

However that’s not needed because IFB’s fully automatic deep cleaning washing technology has sufficient potential to remove tough stain marks and assure a gentle wash on sophisticated fabrics. The triadic pulsator cleaning engine regains back the glowing look once the clothes are washed and dried.

Often customers raise a basic query about Bosch WOE654WOIn is, what makes Bosch best washing machine company in a country in India?

That’s because it’s an economic model that targets those buyers who can’t afford to reach a budget above 20 grand for acquiring a washing machine.

Let’s find out the features available in it


10. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – WOE654WOIN

The German technology is considered as one of the most reliable technologies that has manufactured cars like BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen etc. That’s one of the reasons why Bosch is relied by maximum customers as it has:


  • Capacity to take 6.5 Kg load
  • Magic filter for effectively gathering lint and fluff to make sure that the laundry stays clean
  • Scientific water flow system flows through steel drum
  • Auto starts again if there’s a disruption in power supply in the middle of a washing program
  • Dual detergent dispenser available for pouring powder detergent as well as liquid detergent
  • Smart one touch start technology
  • 2 years warranty on the product with soft closing lid so that the lid does not get damaged on repeated use while opening the machine and closing the machine

That’s not all; the name of Bosch comes in the best brands for washing machine India because,



  • It has high spinning speed with a dimension of 96*55 cm*56.5 cm.
  • 8 water levels for different kind of washes needed for cleaning the clothes
  • Toughened glasses
  • User friendly control panel
  • Child lock system to lock all the keys for keeping it out of the reach of children

If this model was missed from your check-list while browsing through which is best washing machine in India, consider adding it in your catalogue, as it’s worth buying if you’re looking ahead for getting a brand new washing machine for your home today!


11. LG 6.2 Kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – T7281NDDLG/T7288NDDLG/GD

You may be looking for a washing machine that is really makes-free to use in long run. While you check the features of the LG 6.2.Kg. Fully automatic top loading washing machine, you will understand that your requirements are totally fulfillment. If you are looking for a quality washing machine. Which is extremely affordable and also easy to use, this one is best for you. Maximum customers rely on this machine due to its unique feature. Some of the best features that this washing machine has are as follows:


  • Fully automatic top loading washing machine which can ease your burden of washing clothes in a jiffy.
  • The inverter has 6.2 kg capacity which is enough for a middle-class family. Especially, bachelors and couples can use this machine
  • It has a smart filter which is compatible with different types of hard water as well as washer powder.
  • The company provides a brilliant warranty scheme with 2 years of warranty on product and 10 years on motor.
  • It can lead up to 700 rpm. You can make the fan speed higher and get dry clothes instantly. This means, if you plan to wear a dress in the evening party, you can get it cleaned in the morning itself.
  • The special features of this product are- it has smart inverter technology, Turbodrum and 3 Smart motions.
  • Some of the best programs of this product is normal, pre wash+ normal, gentle (wool/saree)
  • It also has a soft cleaning door.
  • The dimension of this machine is 540X540X870


The benefit of smart inverter motor is that it aids in adjusting the energy consumption. It helps to adjust the energy consumption at the optimum level in accordance with the required powder.

It also has BMC motor protection that surrounds it completely. Therefore, the machine leaves no way scope for the dust, insects and humidity to get into it.

The Turbodrum enables the machine to perform the most powerful wash & removes the hardest stain and dirt through the strong washer. The water is streamed off the rotating drum & pulsator in the opposite direction.

It has a smart closing door that gives you the opportunity to never bang on the door. It has its own time of closing which is totally automatic in other case even if you forget to close the door of washing machine, it is no more a problem with this models

Its punch ‘+3 technology’ creates water stream in vertical direction. It helps to mix the laundry up & down. The process is repeated to ensure that an even washing of the clothes is done.

It has stainless steel drum which is rust proof. Therefore the durability of the drum is also high campared withe.  It has no chance of gathering no bacteria, no germs with a long life.

It warrant hygienic wash. There will be no unpleasant smell in the tub. The tub clean sterilizes the inner and outer part of the tub uniquely.

If you have no power or have a sudden power cut in the middle of the washing process, your machine cycle will be restarted again from the beginning.

It also has child lock settings so that your kid is always safe.


12. Haier 5.8 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine – HWM58-020S

This one is efficient high performing machine for your home. It has a stainless steel drum which is specially designed. It has 5.8 loading capacity with a spacious units that has powerful washing convenience.

The features of this product are also irresistible. When you come to know the features, you can’t stop yourself from buying this one. Check out the features:



  • 5.8 Kg machine suitable for bachelors and couples
  • 2 years manufacturing warranty and 5 years on motors
  • 700 RPM spinning speed helps in faster drying
  • 6 customized washing programs
  • Additional box containing user’s manual, components of water inlet hose, tapping screw material along with a warranty card

Therefore A number of buyers reviewed it as the best washing machine brand in India due to some of the following features like


  • Digital display

The machine has digital display with multi segments for keeping the users updated about the washing style. In each washing cycle it includes memory function and assures a quick wash.


  • Quadra flow internal pulsator

A scientifically proven method for washing the clothes in such a way that every part of the cloth get a dirt free wash. One such dirt free washing technology assures perfect cleaning.


  • Efficient and high performance giving  washing machine in each wash

The best thing that you need to do is. check out the features before you place the order. Like any other washing machine. This one is along with another product. That aims to ease your burden with the perfect washings
The best features are:

Its stainless steel drum has spacious unit for offering dirt free washing that has 5.8 kg loading capacity. It’s fitted with control buttons and a toughened glass lid for offering exceptionally convenient washing.

More than 59% of the customers have given it a 5 start in their reviews due to its durability.  It has also won the hearts of millions due to its finally


  • Rust free body
  • Memory backup
  • Auto Door Locking system
  • Adjustable feet front

Still looking forward to buy a washing machine for a nuclear family, then this with out delay one should be your right choice.

A number of times the buyers frantically search a washing machine where there are multi utility trays for drying the clothes.  So that once the clothes are washed, drying them is easy. That’s one of the reasons why,


13.Whirlpool’s 7.2 Kg semi automatic machine is always the right choice for every home

With a capacity of 7.2 Kg it’s ideal for


  • Ace wash
  • Additional cleaning
  • A special multi utility tray for sort down the washed clothes and carry them for drying
  • Flowing back the water into the wash tub

There’s an inbuilt scrubber in the washtub that enhances perfect wash every time. The wash motor and the prime motor come with a warranty of 5 years.

If you’re asking which wash machine is best then with out any doubt ,this one is meant for you. Its lint filter elements and impeller delivering clean washing system assures perfection in each wash.


The lint filter technology allows effective collection of lint. So that the clothes come out clean and fresh after each wash.

The most amazing part of the story is its price is very reasonable and it has been designed for the economic buyers. Its EMI is unbelievably low.

To know further about the product details browse through the website, it’s worth buying, hurry!


14. LG 6.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine – P7550R3FA

This washing machine also has different brilliant features. If you aim to buy this, you will get some of the lucrative features like


  • Semi automatic top loading washing machine
  • Capacity is 6.54kgs
  • 2 years of warranty on product which is totally comprehensive
  • Gentle, normal and strong wash programs
  • Collar scrubber, lint collector, rat away technology


You can surely get a better washing experience when you invest on this machine


. 15.  Samsung 7.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine (WT725QPNDMP)

The best thing that you need to do is. Check out all the features before you place the order. Like any other washing machine. This one is along with another product. That aims to ease your burden with the perfect washings
The best features are:




  • Powerful cleaning
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Filtration and easy cleaning
  • Fast drying system
  • Clear view
  • Effective for any kind of stain removal

Check out the amazing reviews and place your order today.

Washing Machine buying guide

Always remember that while buying a washing machine, you need to consider certain factors. These factors will ensure that the product that you are investing in is truly beneficial for you. Otherwise, it will all be in vain.


  • Washing machine loading type – front load or top load
  • Washing machine function types- semi automatic, fully automatic
  • Capacity- choose the capacity according to the size of your family.

Semi-Automatic vs Fully Automatic Machines

Semi-automatic can be regarded as the entry level washing machines. Now a day, people don’t really buy a semi-automatic machine. These machines generally have two tubs, one is for washing and another is for drying. These machines need certain manual work as well, that’s why it is semi automatic.

Fully automatic is the upgraded version of washing machines. These machines do not involve any manual work. All you have to do is, put the clothes inside the tub and the rest will be done by the machine.

Front Load vs Top Load Machines

These two categories only come with fully automatic washing machine.

Front load machines have the tub for washing and drying in the front. These machines are equipped with lots of advanced features like timer, soaking the clothes, hot water supply, 30 water programs, advanced child lock and more.

Top load machines have a single tub in the top of the product. You do not have to shift the clothes from one tub to another. These are very economical and reduce your work burden in a jiffy.

Inverter Technology in Washing Machine

Inverter technology in the washing machine helps you to save a considerable amount of power. This means, the electric bill will never take a toll on your financial burden. Inverter technology helps the machines to run at optimum loads depending upon the load generated on the machine.

The technology works by sensors detecting the load on the washing machine. It works to optimize the consumption of electricity. Therefore, checking the invertors’ capacity before buying a washing machine is also important.

Tackling hard water in washing machine

The water that you use to wash your clothes can also have adverse effect on the fabric. Hard water is one of the common reasons of clothes getting stained, yellowish colored after washing. The actual color of the fabric fades gradually after 2 to 3 washes.

Despite, washing machines with advanced technology. (like water softener are the best to tackle this kind of hard water problem). Some machines from IFB or Senator. This models provide you this water softener technology. So that your clothes remain excellent after multiple washes. You can try that for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a machine is bought, there can be glitches with it. It has been found that people often ask various questions about the machine on internet. Here are some of the FAQs discussed that buyer also consider knowing the potential risks that might come up when you planning to get a washing machine in your budject .


  • Which washing machine is better- front loading or top loading?
  • It is true that semi-automatic washing machines are out of trend now?
  • How my clothes remain good with top loading gentle wash?
  • Do I get warranty on the product?
  • Will the optimization of the inverter help reduce electric bills?
  • Is water pressure mandatory for a fully automatic washing machine?
  • How long my washing machine may last?
  • What are the factors that I should consider before buying a washing machine?
  • Which brand to consider while buying a washing machine?
  • Which brand is reliable in case of washing machines?
  • Is pre-heated water needed for a fully automatic washing machine?
  • Can I put fabric softener and detergent together?
  • What should I do if my washing machine won’t turn on?
  • Is direct sunlight harmful for a washing machine?
  • Will my washing machine dry really fast?
  • What should be my exact budget when I plan to buy a washing machine?
  • Hot water or regular water- Which one is better?

This is just few examples and the list is never ending in terms of frequently asked questions. Ne rally speaking Always remember that you need detailed research before buying any product. Research will help you to invest on the quality product that would be long-lasting. In brief, you will also be able to know the market trends when you search the brief, you

The Final Thought

generally speaking Always remember that you need detailed research before buying any product. Research will help you to invest on the quality product that would be long-lasting. In brief, you will also be able to know the market trends when you search the brief, you This blog has a plethora of options for you. Choose a product that matches all your requirements and go for it. The brands mentioned here are all reputed with excellent customer reviews


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